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  • Beaches

    Queen’s beach (medicine mud)
    Vurnaža (natural, isolated beach)
    Ždrijac (Windsurfing, Kitesurfing)
    Zaton (Water sports, Tennis, Swimming pool and other games for children and adults)
  • Park of Salt "Nin"

    Aside from revealing the interesting history of Nin, there you can see the traditional and natural way of sea salt production. At the entrance of the salt park you can find the information center, and along with professional guiding, you will find out all about the ways of production of salt. Along with that you can find out about the swamps in the Laguna of Nin and the rich world of birds that live there.

Culture and heritage of town Nin

There has been many archeological researches in Nin because that is one of the richest archeological sights in Croatia. Never the less it’s history is not very clear.

  • The St. Cross church

    One of the most preserved monuments of Croatian medieval heritage with unique style is the Srt. Cross church from 9th century. It is the only sacral object in Nin that hasn’t been changed since it was built. It’s dimensions are 7,80 x 7,60 x 8,20 meters and it ‘s walls are 57 cm tick. It is known as "the smallest cathedral in the world".
  • Museum of the antiquities of Nin

  • Silver and gold treasures of Nin

    The collection of church art is situated next to the church of St. Anselmo, the old cathedral. There you can find the objects from the time of the founding of diocese of Nin.
  • Grgur of Nin

    The bronze statue of bishop Grgur Ninski situated near the church of St. Anselmo is just one of three that exist in Croatia. All of the three statues are the work of art of Croatian sculptures Ivan Meštrović. The first statue he gave to the town of Varaždin, the second one to the city of Split, and the third one to the town of Nin. The important thing is to touch his thumb for good luck.

Sport and Attractions

Near Nin there are several national parks and nature parks.
We recommend the visit to the national parks of:
Kornati islands
Paklenica mountain
Plitvice lakes
Krka waterfalls

Cultural manifestations

  • Sokolijada in Nin

    Šokol is unique delicates made out of pork neck, and it is being produced only in Nin area. It is the usual specialty in restaurants of Nin. Every year in July there is a feast of Šokol in Nin where they pick the best Šokol and try all of them.
  • Hodočašće na blagdan Gospe od Zečeva

  • Cultural summer of Nin

    During all season you can see plays, concerts and other manifestations held in Nin.