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The Croatian Bethlehem is situated at 14 km northwest of Zadar, and the ancient town nucleus is situated on a diameter of only 500 meters connected to the mainland by two stone bridges. To the north, south and west, it is surrounded by lovely long and shallow sandy beaches while to the east extend the salt fields.

A town of ancient past, it is 3,000 old and is among the oldest towns on the eastern Adriatic coast. It was founded by the Liburnians in the 9th century B.C. for it was their maritime and trade center.

The ancient port of Nin, Aenona at the time, was on the area of the locality of Zaton Holiday Resort and the well-known campsite Zaton where remains are visible in the sea even today (1st cent.). In Roman times Nin became an important municipium. The remains of the biggest ancient temple on the eastern side of the Adriatic date from that time  (1st cent.), mosaic on the floors of rich houses, remains of Roman buildings in the center of the islet, monumental statues of Roman emperors and other. Nin is the cradle of Croatian history.